Common Faces

There are pretty clear points in common amount mindmapping, martial arts, meditation and so forth. Amount these common points, it would be the ability to link floating concepts, to generate new-coming ideas, free concept associations, concepts and images associations...
Where does this common root resides on?
In my opinion by using the right part of the brain.
As demonstrated, this part of the brain works much better when the arterial tension goes down. Martial arts and also meditation techniques do use the breath to control mental states.
By using these techniques one person can take down the arterial tension and as, a consecuence, induces activity from the right part.
Obviously, in these techniques the whens and the hows are very differents.


Mindmapping and intelligence development

To my opinion, intelligence is not the capacity to store large amount of different knowledges, but it is the ability to create many multiple links amount the different knowledges you have.
At that point, mindmapping arises as a powerful tool to stimulate the creation of different knowledge links.
Summing up seems to be a clear link between mindmapping techniques and the intelligence stimulation. At least, in my personal/professional life it is a pretty clear statement.


The MindMapping Manifesto (II)


The MindMapping Manifesto (I)

Reading what is currently hot about mindmapping, there is a thing that can´t be infravalorated. This is the work done by Chuck Frey "The MindMapping Manifesto".
This is, to me, a very awesome tool to get deeper about mindmapping software and it is, also, a way to write down, black on white, the key elements about mindmapping software, from many different perspectives and with new and very interesting notes to have under consideration, if you want to enter these techniques, that will change your life.
During the following posts I will try to focus on the main concepts within the Manifesto, that is a gift to Chuck for keeping himself up for this work.
Congratulations, Chuck.

What maintains me away from mindmapping, push me forwards

Excuse me for the incoveniences by not posting so frequently, I will attempt to overcompensate.
Thanks to all the folks that questioned me about the absence.