Maps for rethinking over and over

Lately I have an important event from my company within the region I am responsible for. I am collaborating meeting the multinational strategies to the points in which this region can take advantage of.
That suppose rethink over and over in different time schedules and with different people, also contrasting these ideas every day in the last month in order the get something consistent enough.
This format is helping me with, cause the map is not really fully overloaded with information.


Two Mindmapping styles

After a comment made by Robin Carper, I take the opportunity to explain in detail the two mindmap styles I used to work with.
Style no 1 is the one in the previous post, whenever I have a central idea and I must think over and over getting more ideas and relationships, that is the result from such a process. Examples of use: preparing meetings, speeches,...
Style no 2 is whenever I must attend a meeting, a conference,... where every detail counts on. In such a case, my mindmaps designs gather quite a lot information, and mostly I have no time to make drawings, but on the other hand I have the instrument to get details in the future. In the following picture you can get a live mindmap created within a meeting. I always try to transform the style no 2 in the style no 1 making a simpler map the next day.


Criticizing my mindmaps

As it is pretty clear within this blog´s contents, I use mindmapping everyday (in both ways, software one and handmade).
Here it is located the last one, I have made (excuse because it is in spanish), it determines the two Siemens in Asturias (the spanish region I am responsible for) positioning keys (the business and the social one).
Key issues to improve: colors and drawings.


Mindmapping video

I have found in Philippe Boukobza´s blog a video talking about mindmapping concepts, which are extremely useful to get deeper on it.
Currently it is in Spanish and French.

Mindmapping for facing crisis times

Some weeks ago, I was questioned by Chuck Frey about the possibilities to use Mindmapping as a mean to face, in a better position, crisis times. Chuck gathered that information coming from different sources and join it up formatted.
Getting deeper in this blog, we talked about using Mindmapping to reduce cost even in a supermarket, also to consider different alternatives in order to get a low-cost decission and lately we have been talking about the relationship between Mindmapping and Productivity.
In my personal case using Mindmapping helps me to make tasks in less time, also I rank the task in different priority levels, so I am always focused on what is important to be solved, to be decided. Always I have a complex problem, I detailed the whole problem in a Mindmapping reaching lower details, thinking over that details and the relationships among them, it turns out much easier to link them in order to get the best solution, considering the priorities you have defined to take your decission.
These ones among others (many people is using mindmapping in a better way than me) makes you getting into productivity and also be a valuable worker facing crisis times.