I presume most of you know him, I refer to Philippe Boukobza and his fantastic blog Co-Nectar. Philippe is a rerefence in the mind mapping world and he is also a friend of mine. That's one reason for being lucky!

In his latest post he talks a little bit about different applications to draw. Fifty-three's Paper (we have already talked about this fantastic application in the blog) and Tayasui Sketches, another awesome application for drawing in the tablet world. But thr most important topic he talks is about using these software tools to create your icon's library for your software-made maps. That turns out to be really important to me because it's an open door to transform your software-made mindmaps a little bit more hand-crafted ones.

Using your personal icons (made/drawn by you) customize pretty much your maps and really helps you be much more focused on the topic.

For obvious reasons icons are extremely important parts in a map, because they are really what keep us our right hempisphere really focus in the topic and what sparks our creativity.


Getting back to the origin

First off, I apologize for not posting regularly in the latest months. I will try to catch up.
If we get back to the origin, the mindmaps come from our brains (the two ones we all have, I refer to our both hemispheres) and how they proccess the information they have got.
I have come across an image, which describes it in the best possible way. That image was published in a very interesting (cartoonaday.com), which I do recommend, it's worth a visit to see right hemispheres working properly.