MindMapping and "The Five Habits of highly Innovative Leaders"

I apologize for these months without posting. Important things are happening in my professional and personal life and they´re taking all the time I've got.
Today I come across a very interesting article in Forbes.com´s blog. It is an article about habits in very highly innovative leaders.
If you take a look at the article and you focus on the fifth, you´ll see the importance given in the article to the Associatonal Thinking, describing the need for drawing connections among different concepts, ideas from unrelated fields and sources.
This is the point where mindmapping techniques show up with and suitable and extraordinary methodology to speed up this fifth habit capabilities.
Have you ever taken a chance on a mind map and haven´t you found different and weird ideas popping up about one particular topic?
If so, perhaps you´re on the way to be a Highly Innovative Leader.