iPad's MindManager

As most of you are aware of, iPad has turned out to be a universally wide deployed mobile device, also its applications are commonly used these days. We have talked a little bit about mindmapping on iPad by using iThoughtsHD. This time I'll take about the Mindjet's MindManager version for iPad. It's simple, cute, easy-to-use, efficient, multiplatform (iPad and iPhone).
If you are used to work with MindManager on your desktop or laptop, this is an application, you should give it a try!
Branches creation turns out very simple, you just tap and hold, and define the direction where the branch should go and it's done!
It also has Dropbox integration, WiFi transfer and also most part of all visualization fearures already existing in other MindManager versions.
In the coming days I am going to give it a deeper try and I´ll show you the results.


Novamind 5´s interesting layout feature

I guess most of you know or even have used Novamind, it is a very interesting and useful mindmapping software.
In this particular entry, I'll talk a little bit about an innovative solution for a common problem, whenever you use a mindmapping software...the huge amount of empty and unuseful spaces in large maps.
In the following Youtube video, it is explained by Gideon King, how Novamind 5 tackles this particular issue, which I would say it is extremely good.


iPad's Discovr Apps

Surfing different webpages and the Apple Store, I came across a very funny and useful application. It's called Discovr AppStore.
Here you see a snapshot.
Is its look familiar to you? ---)))


MindMapping for grammar learning

During this vacation season I have gone over my old german grammar lessons to polish it up.
Of course I have taken advantage of mindmapping in this revision --)))
Advantages from my point of view:
1.- More deeper analysis when you are making the map
2.- Easy to review, easy to remember.


MindMapping and "The Five Habits of highly Innovative Leaders"

I apologize for these months without posting. Important things are happening in my professional and personal life and they´re taking all the time I've got.
Today I come across a very interesting article in Forbes.com´s blog. It is an article about habits in very highly innovative leaders.
If you take a look at the article and you focus on the fifth, you´ll see the importance given in the article to the Associatonal Thinking, describing the need for drawing connections among different concepts, ideas from unrelated fields and sources.
This is the point where mindmapping techniques show up with and suitable and extraordinary methodology to speed up this fifth habit capabilities.
Have you ever taken a chance on a mind map and haven´t you found different and weird ideas popping up about one particular topic?
If so, perhaps you´re on the way to be a Highly Innovative Leader.


5 iMindMap5 copies to give away

Courtesy of ThinkBuzan Ltd, we have the opportunity to give away 5 iMindMap5 copies to our esteemed readers.

If you want to get one of these, please send a hand-made mindmap to me(it has to be fresh new and unreleased) about a very important topic (the Spring season).

We will go into the different maps, selecting the best ones to get the award.


Hands on DropMind

I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about a software I am using lately (DropMind).

First off I want to thank Dropmind people and specially to Emel Karakash for passing me the testing code.

As stated in his webpage, it is a less expensive (from 5 to 10 times) alternative to MindManager.

DropMind is an intuitive, multiplatform and user-friendly mindmapping application which offers:

- Integration with MS Office, Google Aps, MS Projects and others
- It allows and works comfortably in several different platforms (desktop, mobile, iPad)
- It also provides a DropMind web account, so you can upload your maps and make them available everywhere you go, as far as sharing your maps with partners, colleagues and friends.

Testing it in my iPad I must say it is really simple but complete, easy enough to be used and to make your maps quickly available on the web (in my opinion, in the Apple iPad environment simplicity is a must).

Summing up I must say it is a really cool application, easy to use, with many possibilities and cheaper in comparison with other applications existing on the market.

DropMind is a really good alternative either if you are thinking about stepping in mindmapping world or if you are a daily user.


Visualizing connections in linkedin.com

Thinking a little bit outside mindmapping but within visualization world, I have found the following application, which by using the powerful linkedin.com tool, takes it a little bit further, showing visually the connections among the different contacts to different levels of interrelation.
Really cool and powerful application.
Coming from my own contact, visualizes the connections and interrelations among them by means of lines and dots, if you press any of them, you can see data of this particular contact and his/her shared connections with you.
If you want to have access to this particular tool, you can get yours throught this link in the right corner downwards.


iMindMap 5

Thanks to Tony Buzan Ltd, I have just received recently a beta test version of iMindMap 5. After testing it for some days, I would say is an amazing software to walk on the mindmapping software world.
Talking about new features in this particular version (some major enhancements comparing with iMindMap 4 version):
- 3D view and presentation posibilities (Awesome!!!)
A better and superb improvement in terms of visualization and really cool to test it and to use it.
- Easiness for filtering possibilities.
All of us who really use mindmapping software in the daily work with our heavily loaded maps, we know for sure the usefulness of the filtering possibilities.
In this particular case these filtering possibilities are really improved.
- Enhanced for online storage and collaboration
That is a key in today´s outlook in terms of mindmapping software and it turns out to be mastered in this new release.
Summing up a new version of this widely spread software, with much more possibilities, taking mindmapping software to a further step.



Mindmaps repositories are a very good tool to get fresh and different ideas about mindmapping styles. In this particular world Biggerplate turns out to be a really fantastic tool to analyze deeply.
This kind of repositories are useful either if you use mindmapping constantly in your normal life or if you are a rookie.
Thanks to Liam Hughes I have been checking the repository out and I have seen the easiness you upload your maps, the possibility to explore the map you pick with the MindManager viewer and the Miniprofiles if you want to popularize your profile or your site in social networks.
Summing up an extraordinary tool to work with.


iThoughtsHD for iPad

I must confess I am iPadict --)))
The very first application I bought after getting the iPad was iThoughtsHD.
The first thing I missed was getting some mindmapping application on the ipad, taking advantage of the tactile features and the really fast ability to draw mindmaps on th fly. That was just something like mixing up tha advantages of hand-made maps and software-made.
It makes my life easier, drawing mindmaps really fast and sending it out through email, so you can get you iPad-drawn mindmaps wotking with the desktop mindmapping applications.
Really cool!


Taking notes all day long


Pros and Cons Map

Many times when we are dealing with difficult decissions to make, it turns out really healthy to think about the pros and cons of this particular decission. How this can be achieved by using a mindmap and without breaking the particular mindmapping rules was a handicap for me some times.
This maps uses a central concept with two particular parts (as human hemyspheres), the right part (pros) where all the branches explain different concepts to detail the favorable issue by making this decissions, on the left part is the opposite.
Finally after working this map you´ll geta global picture about pros and cons to decide.


Back on track

Coming back after some months without posts, I just suffered some kind of stuck about mindmapping, not about the usage, which it will go along with me for the years to come, much more about the transmission of the information. That was one the reasons for the delay, the other one was a very tight budget to get.
Now I come back with new fresh ideas about mindmapping and with new instruments.