Particular time management

One of my main problems, in my professional life, is the amount of issues I must deal with or I must be involved in. Too many in too little time.
In such a environment you need either getting a suitable and comfortable method to take the most of your time or be prepared for your crash.
Of course, I use mindmapping but I also use continously different pieces of paper with different maps to optimize time.
Being able to take to the higher levels the optimization your time is the key to transform yourself in to high performance (recession-proof) worker, let´s deserve that!!


Looking for leadership models - The West Wing serie

I am a "The West Wing" serie fan and there is one chapter in the 6th season, which is titled "Liftoff" and, to me, it is a clear leadership model.
I have tried to look for hints by analizing in order to take out conclussions.


Securities to follow

One of my favourite leisure activities is analyzing stock market, I know for sure it´s a crazy activity and I know the competitions between a donkey and a broker in Wall Street.
I use to look at the stock figures once a day and keep track about some alarms. Whenever I get an alarm about one security, I began to look at it closer.


Updating my Digital Identity


XMind: Online Search for External Information

To those of you not quite familiar with XMind, the following post by Stephen Zhu will give you some information about how to check out more information on the web about an specific topic, obviously within XMind.



XMind Roadmap for version 3.0.2

I got news about the XMind Roadmap for the version 3.0.2.
Features Content:
File Security
Topic text alignment
Hyperlinks in Notes
Find/Replace in labels/notes/relationships
Import Omni Outliner
Auto Hyperlink**
More languages support

Milestone Plan:
Feature complete: Middle at Q1, 2009
Final release: Late at Q1, 2009

*Select a topic and create a new sheet in current workbook whose
central topic is just the selected topic. And the central topic is
linked with this topic.
**When you type "http://..", it will become Hyperlink automatically.

Happy New Year 2009

I don´t see any better way to express these wishes than publishing out the map from Philippe Boukobza, which is extremely good.


1 year timelife

One year ago, I began this experience as a way to show how mindmapping is helping me in either my professional or my personal life. It was also a way to show many people who were asking me about how I was gathering up information in these kind of "spiders" and what was the use of such a figure.
The main goals were helping to develop (from a modest point of view) mindmapping, showing how it can contribute to improve performance and also as a meeting point to receive suggestions, comments and ideas to go further.
Throughtout this blog I have met quite interesting people from many different world locations sharing experiences and with a fascinating wisdom and promoting free ideas interchange.
Talking about the blog, these are the main figures that we all have achieved.
(Source: Google Analytics)
7,680 Visits
15,793 Page Views
5,564 Users
116 Countries
96 Feeds subscriber (Source Feedburner)
To me these figures are a success and I am really keen on developing on this blog with your help and with your inputs, from my point of view I am currently working on new contents to be posted.
Thanks so much for your support.