A mindmapping reflection

During these weeks I have a reflection in my head related to mindmapping.
Is mindmapping either a suitable tool for structured minds (optimizing menthal processes outcomes) or a tool helping to get minds structured?
I think there is not one answer and three ones are possible depending on the case and the use.
For an structured mind can be a suitable tool to get deeper on different kinds of analysis that with any other format could be achieved.
For a pseudo-chaotic mind could be a great tool to get further taking the most out and to take this chaos far beyond to a consistant conclusion.
For same type of minds in different moments the two ansmwers could be possible enough.


Christmas Lottery

Reaching this time of the year, I usually recover a traditional mindmapping use, specially suitable to a fast determination of results.
The mindmapping use does not have any influence in the final result, for sure!!

100 uses for Mindmaps

Surfing the web I had the opporunity to watch this fantastic map from Paul Foreman. What can I say about it? To me it´s just great.

Mindjet Mindmanager 8

Hi all.
I am lately trying to get the most out of the new Mindjet Mindmanager 8.
I am gratefully impressed about the new features. Currenly I am testing them and applying on my professional and personal life.
I think it is another step forward avoiding restrictions when one compares software made maps and hand-drawn ones, with this new version one gets more flexibility, more possibilities to boost up productivity.
I am also impressed about Web Services and I am trying to investigate how to generate more on that, any help or information is welcome.