iThoughtsHD for iPad

I must confess I am iPadict --)))
The very first application I bought after getting the iPad was iThoughtsHD.
The first thing I missed was getting some mindmapping application on the ipad, taking advantage of the tactile features and the really fast ability to draw mindmaps on th fly. That was just something like mixing up tha advantages of hand-made maps and software-made.
It makes my life easier, drawing mindmaps really fast and sending it out through email, so you can get you iPad-drawn mindmaps wotking with the desktop mindmapping applications.
Really cool!


Taking notes all day long


Pros and Cons Map

Many times when we are dealing with difficult decissions to make, it turns out really healthy to think about the pros and cons of this particular decission. How this can be achieved by using a mindmap and without breaking the particular mindmapping rules was a handicap for me some times.
This maps uses a central concept with two particular parts (as human hemyspheres), the right part (pros) where all the branches explain different concepts to detail the favorable issue by making this decissions, on the left part is the opposite.
Finally after working this map you´ll geta global picture about pros and cons to decide.


Back on track

Coming back after some months without posts, I just suffered some kind of stuck about mindmapping, not about the usage, which it will go along with me for the years to come, much more about the transmission of the information. That was one the reasons for the delay, the other one was a very tight budget to get.
Now I come back with new fresh ideas about mindmapping and with new instruments.