Preparing meetings

I am used to prepare my meetings in advance, thinking about what I do want to get from them, my initial positions, limits in negotiations and so far. Thinking these meetings in advance, helps you to make them quicker and straight to the poin, reducing times.
Mindmapping is an extraordinary tool to help you thinking in advance.


Mindmapping in large projects

Currently I am involved in a large-scaled wind farms contest in the north of Spain. As in every one of these contests, there is a lot of money around, so there are too many companies trying to bid, in order to get easy and secured paybacks. In contests like these, you have to keep track of all the movements, connections, possibilities and so on, just as in every complex projec. even if you don´t know it.
Here it is a picture with a simple map gathering some of the consortiums existing in this contest. As you mightprobably imagine I am not in the position to disclosure the whole map with all the information I´ve got, just the initial map could be allowable.
Every branch holding every group can also group up all the information you can collect from them, so you can have the whole contest at a glance, as I have it in the final version.