To-Dos Template

Every certain time it turns out useful to rethink your own tools, seeking for improvements to reach higher in productivity. That is the case. After several months using a To-Do´s sistematic methodology, already detailed in previous posts.
I have prepared (based on my experience) a new template to manage my daily or weekly work.
Here you can get the image of the map and in the Templates section you can get the template.


Template for Business Analysis

Today in the afternoon I´ve been working about some kind of business analysis template, comprising what to me is important when I have to review one business.
This map is useful to have some template to reduce time to go straight to key points in that particular business.

Mindmapping for language learning

Some posts ago, we talked a little bit about how to use mindmapping as an effective tool to learn language. In that particular post, we were working with german.
Here you can get a more visual explanation about this particular issue, presented by Tony Buzzan, so it can´t be better!

MindManager video

A nice video showing what mindmapping can do for you....