Key Account Management

A friend of mine (Sergio Martinez Zarza), which has an extraordinary future in the management fields and which is currently working in Denmark for the Siemens Wind Power business, asked me about my opinion about key account management ideas.
I have gathered the different ideas that I have from this issue.


How to get an exponential growth in MM users?

Vic Gee is also committed to spread knowledge about mindmapping, not just into the mindmapping newsgroups community but also with the people, int order to bring them in this new world.
I think it is an extraordinary idea and also he is gathering comments in order to get exponential growth in the number of people using mindmapping. The prize for the best response it is a free copy of iMindmap.
Extraordinary idea.

Events and trips planning

I do usually plan my trips or events with a two or three months period (always I can) so I can take a perspective about the different weeks, in order to plan my work according to the goals that I have to achieve.
One of usages that I mostly do, it is planning these trips and events via mindmapping, so I can easily get back to them with simply a glance.
Also when I am outside the office and I need to remind events or trips, I used to remind the whole picture so I can, as a results, get the details and all the reservation status.


Three and a half months without posting

Excuse me about this lack of posting during this three months period.
Taking my friend Phillipe Boukobza´s suggestion, I will be back writting new posts about different issues to promote mindmapping.