Mindmapping in lawsuits

Many times we think mindmapping is a engineers or technical people´s issue, but as it is defined it could universally applicable.

In this particular case, I will utilize mindmapping in a situation with my house´s constructor, whom I sue due to some malfunctions in my house. So for extension it could be applicable to some lawyer´s issues.

This map (made using Mindjet Mind Manager 8) compiles all the different failures existing in the house, so once the expert technician assigned by the court come, I will have all the issues to be showed at hand.

Problemas a considerar en la casa


A White Paper about Notetaking

When I was working in the previous post, I was required by some friends of mine about getting deeper in notetaking using mindmapping, that was the reason, which took me to prepare this White Paper ("a non-pretentious White Paper") about this particular stuff.

Currently I think it is by far the most common mindmapping application, unless in my particular case. Moreover most part of my professional time I am involved in meetings.

I hope you find this document useful for your personal and professional life!!!
Access to White Paper on Notetaking.



I have come across several mindmaps made during lectures, presentations and so no in the last years.
I always draw mindmaps in every meeting, my most important problem is what to show on the blog that for my company, should not be done (I always work with my mindpping for my coming orders, strategic projects, people management and so on).
Important points in notetaking:
1.- Focus on the key ideas/concepts.
2.- Visualize and draw these key ideas/concepts.
3.- Force relationships among ideas/concepts.
Why mindmapping is important in notetaking?
1.- Focuses you in the key concepts.
2.- Makes it easier to work around key concepts.
3.- Allows you to maintain deeper in your mind these concepts, so you can retake later on. The more sense you work with in mindmapping, the easier you will assimilate concepts in your brain (images friendly brain) and the longer these ideas will be with you.
What should I improve in this kind of mindmaps?
1.- Move to the colorful version!! Very difficult when you are in a meeting with other people.
2.- Draw it!!. Whenever you have an idea, a concept...draw with you think, what your perceive.
3.- Draw the more relationships you can. Force your brain to make relationships among concepts.
My excuses (all mindmaps are written down in Spanish -my mother language-) but I think it is important in this blog to show how real mindmapping is working on.


Boosting the blog, asking for your help

Regarding Web 2.0 my most important resolution is to boost the blog, to help people taking the most out of mindmapping, to have young people taking advantage of a new and exciting way to improve learning and memorizing processes.

In this boosting process there is an issue out of my control, it is your opinion, your ideas, your doubts, your experiences… everything that can help other people to move on in this fascinating world. So, please, I encourage you to say openly how you think we must progress with the blog.

From my side I must say I will post on regular basis to show what I am doing with mindmapping and what there is out there regarding mindmapping.


TV series

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TV series

One of my most favorite hobbies is watching TV series in their original language.

I made a map (by XMind) about my favorite series, the proprietary companies and links to the TV series main pages.


A different vision about news

Looking at the news in Spain on January 1st, 2010, I decide to draw a map on the most important.

It could be a new perspective on written news more visual and more mindmapping friendly way.

I hope you enjoy it.


Happy New Year 2010

I want to wish you a happy new year 2010 and I was trying to find out the best way to make that happen for a mindmapping perspective.

If we are continuously talking about the influence of image in our learning processes, it is pretty obvious the best way would be using a photo.

There is a park in Santander (Cantabria – North of Spain) where I always stop to observe the bonds, links and strange relationships among the different branches and sub-branches. This image can express what we are familiar with in mindmapping and also the complexity of our thinking processes.

I wish you the best for the coming year and also that all your dreams become true.