iPad's MindManager

As most of you are aware of, iPad has turned out to be a universally wide deployed mobile device, also its applications are commonly used these days. We have talked a little bit about mindmapping on iPad by using iThoughtsHD. This time I'll take about the Mindjet's MindManager version for iPad. It's simple, cute, easy-to-use, efficient, multiplatform (iPad and iPhone).
If you are used to work with MindManager on your desktop or laptop, this is an application, you should give it a try!
Branches creation turns out very simple, you just tap and hold, and define the direction where the branch should go and it's done!
It also has Dropbox integration, WiFi transfer and also most part of all visualization fearures already existing in other MindManager versions.
In the coming days I am going to give it a deeper try and I´ll show you the results.


Novamind 5´s interesting layout feature

I guess most of you know or even have used Novamind, it is a very interesting and useful mindmapping software.
In this particular entry, I'll talk a little bit about an innovative solution for a common problem, whenever you use a mindmapping software...the huge amount of empty and unuseful spaces in large maps.
In the following Youtube video, it is explained by Gideon King, how Novamind 5 tackles this particular issue, which I would say it is extremely good.


iPad's Discovr Apps

Surfing different webpages and the Apple Store, I came across a very funny and useful application. It's called Discovr AppStore.
Here you see a snapshot.
Is its look familiar to you? ---)))