Evernote + MindMapping = Ever...Mapping

Now let's talk a little bit about mixing two different tools with features in common (mindmapping and Evernote). I will confess I'm an avid Evernote user, I used to throw everything I come across into that fantastic tool. I love the combination of massive storage and impressive mechanisms to look for specific information in this large amount of information. On the other hand one of the main features of mindmapping is using the two hemyspheres, among other things, to remind the information for the future. It turns out also important to keep track of your mindmaps in order to see you evolution. So gathering previous statements one can infer that just good things can be obtain by mixing those tools. That combination based on storing your handdrawn mindmaps and your softwaremade ones makes it easier to find maps related to specific tags, contents, words,... The only feature you have to be sure about in case of handmade is to be very straight in the art of writing. One doubt I have got is the difficulty to recognise words in the 6 hour branch in the map, vertical words must be difficult to find. It also important to say that mindmaps must be scanned or export to PDF, where Evernote makes it easier to find content