My to-dos list

One of the courses my company assigned to me, turned out very interesting.

The consultants were talking about how to take out the maximum productivity to the most valuable possession you got (your time).

Some of their ideas and some others I did read some time ago, they made me think about how to manage the multiple tasks I have every day.

In my job as manager I have lots of tasks I am responsible for and others I must delegate/control in/from any other colleague.

After thinking about, I determined some important points:

1.- I use a mindmap, whose central point is "my to-do´s for today".
2.- I define the different tasks to fulfill.
3.- I group the tasks in differente groups (branches in the map).
4.- I define the priority of the every task
(by icons in MindManager or by colors/numbers in a written MM).
5.- I define a branch called "not to-dos", where I define the tasks I have to delegate (I must say that I force me to do that).
6.- Everytime I finish with one tasks, I give myself the little pleasure of crossing it out.

It is rather productive for me dedicating some minutes everyday at the beginning of the workday, to determine the tasks I have to fulfill, so I avoid to be hanging around thinking of what I have to do.

That is the way I work everyday.

Here you get an example by using MindManager, but I prefer the manual method (sheet, pen and crossing tasks out by pen).

Excuse me because it is done in Spanish.


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