Goals setting and splitting

Many times in business life, one is located in the middle of the chain.
One receives goals from his/her boss and must set up goals to the different collaborators. Obviously it is a rather good method, by using a good splitting, to have all the differente company levels working towards the same with coherence.
What´s inside this post, it is a method to split down goals to different collaborators and different positions, by using filter techniques within software-made maps (specifically MindManager).
You write down your goals in a map and using the Resources within Text Markers to define every one of your collaborators, which must be alligned with that goal.
After completing the secuence you can determine the different goals, which one of your collaborators have, by filtering the whole map.
Obviously the example is just for clarification, consider the case of having 35 goals to get and 30 collaborators and find a way to match them accordingly.

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