Recovering concepts watching Mindmaps

Reading a post within Kyle McFarlin blog, I reminded an issue that was basic to me from the first steps.
What are you making maps for?
a) Just for drawing
b) For making something that can be showed to others
c) For getting knowledges that can be work down with both main hemyspheres
In cases a. or b. you can show your ability as an Art creation or your ability to make your knowledge available to others.
In case c. the most importan point, to me, is making brain-friendly designs, specially for your brain, so utilize the format, colors, markers, drawings.. in which you feel really comfortable. Otherwise you can go deeper in the map, but it would turn out extremelly difficult getting back to the whole matter (you were working on) in a few minutes some months later, which is one of my personal goals making mindmapping, the ability to get back and recovering knowledges fastly.

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