1 year timelife

One year ago, I began this experience as a way to show how mindmapping is helping me in either my professional or my personal life. It was also a way to show many people who were asking me about how I was gathering up information in these kind of "spiders" and what was the use of such a figure.
The main goals were helping to develop (from a modest point of view) mindmapping, showing how it can contribute to improve performance and also as a meeting point to receive suggestions, comments and ideas to go further.
Throughtout this blog I have met quite interesting people from many different world locations sharing experiences and with a fascinating wisdom and promoting free ideas interchange.
Talking about the blog, these are the main figures that we all have achieved.
(Source: Google Analytics)
7,680 Visits
15,793 Page Views
5,564 Users
116 Countries
96 Feeds subscriber (Source Feedburner)
To me these figures are a success and I am really keen on developing on this blog with your help and with your inputs, from my point of view I am currently working on new contents to be posted.
Thanks so much for your support.

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