The power of the images

Mindmapping success to my opinion resides on the seductive attraction that images provoke in our brains. To illustrate this I will make some examples showing up.
How do you explain how a bison is? You can start talking it is a four-legged animal, brown, etc I estimate 10 minutes to get your mate knowing what you are talking about (obviously if you don´t say the word "bison"), I presume there will be lots of TV contests around that. If you show her an image of a vison, she will understand immediatly, so you save 10 minutes less some seconds.
OK, let´s get back thousands of years ago in a cavern located in the north of Spain (Altamira), the same episode with paintings to explain other mates how a bison was (the photo).
So we haven´t evolved so much, in that sense!!! --)))
Next example. During many years the radio was the preferable way of communication in the world, till TV showed up and the radio reduced drastically its influence. The main advantage was the image vs the oral communication. More easy to understand, more easy to interpret, more easy to remember.
Third example. The communication problem, when something is explained to you, just a little percentage of the original message can be understood by you (cause of the channel, of the talker interpretation and also the listener interpretation,...). This communication losses are much more lower with an image, cause you get directly the original message.
Fourth one, how many memories from you are not tied up to images? Our memory is based on images received from our visual sense.

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Philippe Boukobza said...

Great Article ! Mind Mapping is not just about organizing Ideas, it's about creating the Big Picture. Imagination and Global Vision.