Reading Books by mindmapping

One of the most common applications, in my personal case and already explained within this blog, it is mindmapping the most interesting books contents.
In this particular case, I have taken advantage of the easter vacation period to get back (for third time) to Idea Mapping (by Jamie Nast), an extraordinary book, where everytime you get back, you discover something new to go deeper.
What is put into the mindmap are different ideas, which I consider important, from my point of view, it doesn´t intend to be a summary or something like that. Just some notes.


Asikk said...


Your information: "Reading Books by mindmapping" looks very interesting, but it is impossible to see the map. Hao can I see it?

Berttuco said...

Asikk, give me your email address and I will send you.
I have checked several times and I get the images.

Arjen said...

Hi Alberto,

Great to see you create a mindmap of the interesting books your read. I have two questions:

1. It would be nice if you published the maps on a separate page (like a book summary page). Will you do that later on?

2. Do you also create computer mindmaps of your summaries?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Berttuco said...

OK, that´s a very good point, I take it. I´m going to publish out all maps in flickr.com, so everyone can take access. That will be done in the first days of June.

arini said...

can you help me to give more information in reading book by mind mapping. because my students get some difficulties in reading books
my email :: siieinira@yahoo.com
thank you very much :)