iThoughtsHD for iPad

I must confess I am iPadict --)))
The very first application I bought after getting the iPad was iThoughtsHD.
The first thing I missed was getting some mindmapping application on the ipad, taking advantage of the tactile features and the really fast ability to draw mindmaps on th fly. That was just something like mixing up tha advantages of hand-made maps and software-made.
It makes my life easier, drawing mindmaps really fast and sending it out through email, so you can get you iPad-drawn mindmaps wotking with the desktop mindmapping applications.
Really cool!


David Martínez Vilches said...

Hello. I know about you thanks to Philippe's blog.
I use Mindmaps everyday, because I'm student of Bachillerato, and it's the best way to get good marks.
I agree with you, we have to create a spanish-net about Mindmapping.

Greetings from Madrid.

Anonymous said...

Hi - the cool thing about iThoughts (apart from the superb interface developed by Craig) is the linkage available to Drobox and Box.net.

I have a Box.net folder for iThought maps to which I save everything from the iPad. I have this folder as a favorite in Mind Manager and can open any iThoughts map directly as soon as I get back to the desktop.

I use iThoughts for note taking in meetings and seminars beause the iPad is no where near as obtrusive as a laptop - just like working on a pad of paper

A. Martinez said...

Hi David.
Good to know from you, Philippe is a reference within this world.
Keep in mind that using these techniques you will get everything you work for.
I also agree with your thought about creating a spanish community about Mindmapping, that would be for sure a very good point. We have to get to "it´s done" from "we have to" --))))
Best regards.

A. Martinez said...

Hi friend.
Thanks for the hint about iThoughts, that is for sure a very good point, right now after a map was made I synchronise with my desktop application throught email, but using the way you talk about is really more comfortable and quicker. Shame on me cause I also use Dropbox and I haven´t realized about this particular topic of making sync really simple.
Thanks so much for the point.