iMindMap 5

Thanks to Tony Buzan Ltd, I have just received recently a beta test version of iMindMap 5. After testing it for some days, I would say is an amazing software to walk on the mindmapping software world.
Talking about new features in this particular version (some major enhancements comparing with iMindMap 4 version):
- 3D view and presentation posibilities (Awesome!!!)
A better and superb improvement in terms of visualization and really cool to test it and to use it.
- Easiness for filtering possibilities.
All of us who really use mindmapping software in the daily work with our heavily loaded maps, we know for sure the usefulness of the filtering possibilities.
In this particular case these filtering possibilities are really improved.
- Enhanced for online storage and collaboration
That is a key in today´s outlook in terms of mindmapping software and it turns out to be mastered in this new release.
Summing up a new version of this widely spread software, with much more possibilities, taking mindmapping software to a further step.

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David said...

I think that iMindMap is the best software for mindmapping because it has an organic design. By the way, I sent you an invitation for a new blog about this techniques, that has been begun by Philippe and me. It is: