Hands on DropMind

I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about a software I am using lately (DropMind).

First off I want to thank Dropmind people and specially to Emel Karakash for passing me the testing code.

As stated in his webpage, it is a less expensive (from 5 to 10 times) alternative to MindManager.

DropMind is an intuitive, multiplatform and user-friendly mindmapping application which offers:

- Integration with MS Office, Google Aps, MS Projects and others
- It allows and works comfortably in several different platforms (desktop, mobile, iPad)
- It also provides a DropMind web account, so you can upload your maps and make them available everywhere you go, as far as sharing your maps with partners, colleagues and friends.

Testing it in my iPad I must say it is really simple but complete, easy enough to be used and to make your maps quickly available on the web (in my opinion, in the Apple iPad environment simplicity is a must).

Summing up I must say it is a really cool application, easy to use, with many possibilities and cheaper in comparison with other applications existing on the market.

DropMind is a really good alternative either if you are thinking about stepping in mindmapping world or if you are a daily user.


Waste Nothing said...

There doesn't appear to be an online collaboration option, or am I missing something.... It seems to be a killer app benefit that Mindmanager still has

A. Martinez said...

As far as I understand Dropmind you have online storage capacity with posibilities to open it up to different users, who can have access to the same content....could that be online collaboration?? Yes to my opinión, but it is also opinable.
thanks for your point.

Emel said...

Just to answer your questions, we have the best option available for the Web version –simultaneous collaboration.
You can work together on one map simultaneously and make changes at the same time. All changes made by each participant will be visible to all collaborators and viewers. The main purpose of this feature is to automate, simplify and fasten the process of collaboration. Each action during the collaboration is recorded, so you can track map progress in a timeline of changes in a Map and Chat History.