Novamind 5´s interesting layout feature

I guess most of you know or even have used Novamind, it is a very interesting and useful mindmapping software.
In this particular entry, I'll talk a little bit about an innovative solution for a common problem, whenever you use a mindmapping software...the huge amount of empty and unuseful spaces in large maps.
In the following Youtube video, it is explained by Gideon King, how Novamind 5 tackles this particular issue, which I would say it is extremely good.


Raphaelle Browaeys said...

Hello Alberto,

Thank you for this great Nova Mind video you posted. I wasn't aware of this new feature of NovaMind. I personally think it is an awesome idea to use this lost space in big maps.

But after seeing the entire video I’m not sure to really like the Nova Mind new feature. I think it gets more easily messy and difficult to create a balanced map.

As we all know a MindMap is something visual that help you (or someone foreigner to the map) to read it quickly and easily. I think that with this new feature we will see more and more messy, ugly, non-balanced and non-efficient and powerful maps.
But that is my first opinion, and I can't wait to try it on my own!!!

Alberto, thank you for sharing!

A. Martinez said...

Thanks to you Raphaelle.