Early steps with Digital Phtography

Some time ago I was lured by Digital Photography. There are some different concepts you need to deal with, if you want to understand what is on the game.
What was the best way to approach that matter those days?
Ja, mindmapping, sure.
One handicap, it was made in Spanish.


Restaurant Software said...

Digital photography is one of several forms of digital imaging. Digital images are also created by non-photographic equipment such as computer tomography scanners and radio telescopes. Digital images can also be made by scanning conventional photographic images.

A. Martinez said...

thanks for the point

Alexandra Gale said...

This is one excellent example of a great mind mapping presentation using digital photography. Even if it’s written in a different language, it’s not difficult to recognize that the diagram is trying to show the different parts of a digital camera with the help of a visual aid (photo). By branching out the terminologies and the different parts of a camera, the diagram gives the viewer a clearer view of all the functions and parts embedded into such a device. Furthermore, it can easily be distinguished through this presentation that each part of the digital camera also has some sub-parts. Although the details were not written in English, this kind of presentation makes it easier to determine what the illustration is all about.