Upgrading my resume

These summer days I´ve been working with my resume. I have taken it our from linkedin and I have polished it up to get a brand new one.
I have always thought that a visual resume provides more information than the written one, specially in those cases where you don´t have enough time to dedicate.


Philippe Boukobza said...

Once again, a brilliant map and a very interesting / useful post that helps us undestanding more deeply the benefits of Mind Mapping.

robincapper said...

I like the map and am LinkedIn. Finding it useful for my current role as a way contact people within and across industries.

PS: The visited country icons in your map are great. Where are they from?

Berttuco said...

Thanks for your comments.
Thanks for your opinions, Phillippe, it is quite important to me.
Robin, I used to surf the Internet looking for icons based on license you can use.