What is about me and my blog on the Web

I am pretty sure you already know about this particular mindmanager feature to make Google searches within a map.
I have made a very simple usage of this feature to make two particular searches: one about me and the other one about my blog (which, of course, is all yours).
These two searches have showed me that Mindmanager could be a very interesting tool in order to determine and classify the Web impacts you get from some specific Internet action you want to make.
Of course you can get the draw in flickr.com.

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Berttuco said...

I forgot to mention that I am reading a book about Personal Branding and in there a theory is defined about the future of the relationships between companies and professional people. Following that theory current HR professionals will no longer search professionals based on "static" resumes (where it is pretty clear defined what you have done in terms of companies, studies, jobs,..), instead they will use "dynamic" Web information where you define who you are, what you are doing lately and your ability to set up relationships with other people. In the future relationship ability will be at least so important as your cute resume.