Mindmaps usage from a different perspective

One of the topics I would like to cover is how other users are taking the most out of Mindmapping techniques, either hand-made or software-made.
In this particular case, I show the case from Deepak Ravlani, who is a Business Development Manager at a smartphone software startup, who has also a very interesting blog.
Deepak is a newbie working with these issues, although he foresees great potential for him from these techniques.
Here it is showed a mindmap coming from him, where he takes advantage of the different mindmapping features (and specifically of the different software tools) to have documents, thoughts, files, folders,... at hand.
I think learning with other people can provides us with a hugh range of new usages, possibilities, features and so on, that can takes us to reach further in this world.
Thanks Deepak for your contribution.


Deepak said...

Well it's all my privilege to have my Pc/software map featured here. This helps me get a quick glance over what I need to download/install on my PC. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea.