Mindmapping for facing crisis times

Some weeks ago, I was questioned by Chuck Frey about the possibilities to use Mindmapping as a mean to face, in a better position, crisis times. Chuck gathered that information coming from different sources and join it up formatted.
Getting deeper in this blog, we talked about using Mindmapping to reduce cost even in a supermarket, also to consider different alternatives in order to get a low-cost decission and lately we have been talking about the relationship between Mindmapping and Productivity.
In my personal case using Mindmapping helps me to make tasks in less time, also I rank the task in different priority levels, so I am always focused on what is important to be solved, to be decided. Always I have a complex problem, I detailed the whole problem in a Mindmapping reaching lower details, thinking over that details and the relationships among them, it turns out much easier to link them in order to get the best solution, considering the priorities you have defined to take your decission.
These ones among others (many people is using mindmapping in a better way than me) makes you getting into productivity and also be a valuable worker facing crisis times.


Argey said...

That headline had me worried. I develop mindmapping software, and I read it to mean that you knew of a coming crisis in mindmapping!

I was relieved to see in the body of the article that you were talking about using mindmapping to help in a crisis....

Of course, I agree with that.


Berttuco said...

Excuse Argey.
You get the reason, english is neither the mother language, nor the second one.
Once you told, I see the point.
I modify the headline accordingly.
Thanks and Best Regards.