Two Mindmapping styles

After a comment made by Robin Carper, I take the opportunity to explain in detail the two mindmap styles I used to work with.
Style no 1 is the one in the previous post, whenever I have a central idea and I must think over and over getting more ideas and relationships, that is the result from such a process. Examples of use: preparing meetings, speeches,...
Style no 2 is whenever I must attend a meeting, a conference,... where every detail counts on. In such a case, my mindmaps designs gather quite a lot information, and mostly I have no time to make drawings, but on the other hand I have the instrument to get details in the future. In the following picture you can get a live mindmap created within a meeting. I always try to transform the style no 2 in the style no 1 making a simpler map the next day.

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Robin Capper said...

I'm similar except my formal mapping is usually software, rather than hand, created. I've now got access to a tablet PC, it's a shared machine, and find it's nice to combine unstructured and formal styles. Still learning to pen, but it's liberating not to have a fixed page size! Hard to zoom out and make more room on a pad :-)