Criticizing my mindmaps

As it is pretty clear within this blog´s contents, I use mindmapping everyday (in both ways, software one and handmade).
Here it is located the last one, I have made (excuse because it is in spanish), it determines the two Siemens in Asturias (the spanish region I am responsible for) positioning keys (the business and the social one).
Key issues to improve: colors and drawings.


Robin Capper said...

Your hand maps are perfection in comparison to mine!

I break all the rules but my goal is to capture info, rather than adhere to the Mind Mapping mindset

See http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/2006/10/taking_note_of_.html

Berttuco said...

Hi Robin.
I like your designs but, to me, the goal must be to have a design, in which you feel really comfortable, to get back later on and that could be stimulating enought (specially to your brain).
In my personal case I have two different possibilities.
No 1.- It is similar to the mindmap posted, whenever I think about someting in detail (preparing meetings, speeches,...)
No 2.- Whenever I have to gather the most out of a meeting, conference or so. In this case my mindmaps have quite a lot information (so I would be able, in the future, get some details), but I try to sum it up the following day.
I hope this can help you, next post I will talk a little bit about our thoguhts.
Thanks indeed, Robin.