Interview at Usine Nouvelle

To those of you familiar with French language, there is an interview in Usine Nouvele where some of the intervinients were Philippe Boukobza and me.
In my personal case, I talked a little bit about how putting both brain hemispheres on something, can take you to get new ideas, points of views and so on, which otherwise could be impossible.
The French magazine has made an extrordinary report on mindmapping from different approaches.


Graham Buik said...

Thanks for sharing that article, Alberto. Formidable ! Mindmapping really is getting "everywhere", isn't it?!

EL AZZOUZI Mounir said...

Salut alverto,
Je viens de lire l'article sur l'usine nouvelle et je suis content de voir que je ne suis pas le seul à l'utiliser.

Reynald said...

I am also using mindmapping concept from 5 years. I am impressed by your blog.

I am looking advices for improve my english and spanish level. Do you have any maps on them.

Thanks in advance.

Berttuco said...

Thanks Graham, Mounir and Reynald. Your opinions turn out gratificant.
Reynald, I have some examples on the blog about maps to improve english, I think mindmapping have a lot of possibilities to help you learning a new language, cause it allows you to link different concepts, expression, pronountiations and do on.

Anonymous said...

S'il existe des entreprises "non-concurrentes" partantes, nous sommes queqlques uns à imaginer un club utilisateurs de MindManager afin de partager les utilisations et se sentir moins seul (Comme le Dit M El Azzouzi) !

Contact: bernard.halais@mpsa.com ou patrice.larguier@mpsa.com (PSA Peugeot Citroën)