Mindmapping for clearifying ideas

Last week, as every month, I had a meeting with my CEO to talk a little bit about the results, evolution, budget to-day fulfillment, strategies, actions plans, investments and so on.
I am also located in a part of Spain, where we of course are suffering part of the global economic crisis, specially in its industrial part (due to the lack of financement and also to the bad sales in constructution and automotive environment). I was preparing the night before, what to talk about the different issues, in order to have all of them clearly defined in my mind and with all the differente links connected and that was when this map showed up. I was thinkg and suddently it came up to me.
The differente colors and images helped me to have it on my mind when I was on that "hard" meeting.
I have taken some "licenses" in this particular case, cause I am talking about current issues, I have deleted some companies names, investments names and so on, cause I think the important it is to show how mindmapping can help you to put your ideas in order oriented to a concrete goal and that was the case.
Let´s wait mindmapping can help me improving the results.

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