Mindmapping reading books - colorful version

That´s another example about taking notes when reading books.
That thing helps me to:
1.- Keep focused on the topic.
2.- Connect ideas with previous knowledges (making links)
3.- Store the information deeper in my mind.
An advice, don´t ever lend me a book! Otherwise I will bring you back colorful mindmapped.


Paul Foreman said...

Hi Alberto

Nice post....

What if we lend you a book and get it back Mind Mapped so that we can read the Mind Maps and quickly absorb the book without reading the whole thing?

Also, I think publishers should leave more space on the page for this!



Berttuco said...

Thanks for the comment, Paul.
I have forbidden myself to buy books, wherein I don´t get any free space to draw my concepts (E.G.: pocket books)