Boosting the blog, asking for your help

Regarding Web 2.0 my most important resolution is to boost the blog, to help people taking the most out of mindmapping, to have young people taking advantage of a new and exciting way to improve learning and memorizing processes.

In this boosting process there is an issue out of my control, it is your opinion, your ideas, your doubts, your experiences… everything that can help other people to move on in this fascinating world. So, please, I encourage you to say openly how you think we must progress with the blog.

From my side I must say I will post on regular basis to show what I am doing with mindmapping and what there is out there regarding mindmapping.


Mike said...

Hi there. I'd like to see more mindmaps that you've taking from lectures, conferences or meetings. Those that are made by hand on the spot are my favorites. Thanks.

Berttuco said...

thanks Mike.
let´s go for it

yasuo said...

What a fascinating idea! But what can we do with fragile memories? Make me join in, please?

Annabel said...

Hello Alberto,

Thank you for this blog, for sharing your knowledge. I am interested in learning how to use mindmapping to take comprehensive notes from books and to make connections between several books on the same subject. I am moving overseas soon and need to get rid of a lot of books, but don't want to lose the knowledge inside them.