I have come across several mindmaps made during lectures, presentations and so no in the last years.
I always draw mindmaps in every meeting, my most important problem is what to show on the blog that for my company, should not be done (I always work with my mindpping for my coming orders, strategic projects, people management and so on).
Important points in notetaking:
1.- Focus on the key ideas/concepts.
2.- Visualize and draw these key ideas/concepts.
3.- Force relationships among ideas/concepts.
Why mindmapping is important in notetaking?
1.- Focuses you in the key concepts.
2.- Makes it easier to work around key concepts.
3.- Allows you to maintain deeper in your mind these concepts, so you can retake later on. The more sense you work with in mindmapping, the easier you will assimilate concepts in your brain (images friendly brain) and the longer these ideas will be with you.
What should I improve in this kind of mindmaps?
1.- Move to the colorful version!! Very difficult when you are in a meeting with other people.
2.- Draw it!!. Whenever you have an idea, a concept...draw with you think, what your perceive.
3.- Draw the more relationships you can. Force your brain to make relationships among concepts.
My excuses (all mindmaps are written down in Spanish -my mother language-) but I think it is important in this blog to show how real mindmapping is working on.


Mike said...

Fantastic advice. Thanks!

A. Martinez said...

I am currently (in the nights) working on a White Paper about Notetaking using Mindmapping. I guess I will post it in the weekend. I´m trying to get it complete enought.