Mindmapping in lawsuits

Many times we think mindmapping is a engineers or technical people´s issue, but as it is defined it could universally applicable.

In this particular case, I will utilize mindmapping in a situation with my house´s constructor, whom I sue due to some malfunctions in my house. So for extension it could be applicable to some lawyer´s issues.

This map (made using Mindjet Mind Manager 8) compiles all the different failures existing in the house, so once the expert technician assigned by the court come, I will have all the issues to be showed at hand.

Problemas a considerar en la casa

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Mike Krsticevic said...


I must admit I completely agree with your point of view about Mind Mapping for things other than just technical points.

As a former engineer (civil) myself I can see how valuable mind mapping is for both technical and business uses. However, I didn't discover mind mapping until I entered law.

Thanks for the interesting blog post and sampe mind map.