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Almost two weeks ago I got a post, which because of its interest I think it would be good enough to make it more public.
The discussion was opened by Everdream and followed by Tuna (I would like to hyperlink him/her but I don´t get the address).
I transcribe the discussion with updated comments.

After I saw your mindmap above, I got a few questions in my mind.
- Can this map give you explict messages even few months later?
Sure, that is one of the key issues for me. To make "nice"/cute map designs (I name it brain adapted designs) helps your brain to get back quite fast to the map topics after long time. That came from the visual message reception. It is similar (in some cases) when you see a picture and you remember questions linked to that image you see some time ago.
- Do you really think if readers can understand your message better through the map than through written statements?
Most cases I would say, yes. Cause your brain gets a whole picture of the maps and attempts to get fast to the different points. I would say, after looking at the map, two months later, your brain would remind better, issues from the maps, than from statements.
- How long did you take to fill wide ranges of lines oriented from main topic with your fine pen? Do you think the time is worth?
To be sincere, it does not take long for me, I am quite used to take notes. Nevertheless, this time is not badly wasted, in that time your brain is thinking in the concept, in the branches, in the relationships among concepts,...
- Why did you use pens and paper for the map? I think, you have a good software for mindmap. Why didn't use it for the map? Any reasons to use such an old tools?
Sure. I see two different ways to work: handmade maps and software maps. To me the main differences are in the freedom, making a map. In this way, it is similar to a brainstorming process, the crazier idea you have, the something valuable you get. So, I think you can get more creative concepts by using the handmade ones, you don´t have any restriction at all. In cases of using software, you must adapt your map to the software restrictions. I also must say the software are evolving to a more freedom atmosphere to not restrinct into a constraint environment.
Sorry for the questions that can be took rude. But I am really qurious


Jamie Nast said...

Hi Alberto,

Just thought I would put my 2 cents into this discussion. The other benefit for creating hand drawn maps is that it taps into the kinesthetic aspects of memory. You are more likely to remember a hand drawn map. I realize that's not always the purpose, but thought I would share that.

Hope you are well.


Berttuco said...

Hi Jamie.
Thanks for the comment.
Absolutely agreed.