Getting ROI from Mindmapping in your personal life - Supermarket

One of key issues I will like to focus on, is being able to determine how to get ROI -stands for Return Of Invesment- by using Mindmapping techniques in you professional and personal life.
Obviously, there are two main ways to get a higher ROI:
1.- Generating more incomes or
2.- Reducing costs.
(It is just a simplification to understand easily)
In this particular post, I will talk about how to reduce cost by using Mindmapping techniques, when one goes to the supermarket.
I have developed a particular template with the most common articles in a supermarket shopping list, grouped in different branches.
Within this template (I am also looking for a new repository to put on all the templates that I am using in the posts), I am using different labels and markers to determine which are the cheaper prices in the different supermarkets for the different items.
Every week, I think in advance the items I must shop and by filtering out, I am able to determine which items should I buy, in every supermarket, in order to get best prices.
Obviuosly some improvements can be added up:
1.- Determining not only price but price and quality to make the further choice.
2.- In case of using one only supermarket, determining the position of every branch in a clockwise direction consecuent with the location of every articles group, within the supermarket.
As a result of using these techniques in your shopping list, you will get:
1.- Not forgetting any item, which implies revisting the supermarket.
2.- Taking advantage of the prices, discounts and so on.
To sum up, it is just a simple application to show that some kind of ROI can be returned by using these techniques in both, personal and professional life.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you put th eoriginal links/extensions mmap so the file can become useful?

Berttuco said...

I will rewrite the post to make a link to mappio.com so you can download the map in MM7 format.
I am also attempting to get a new repository to gather up there all the different templates I am presenting on the blog (If you could help me with this, I would appretiate).
Thanks for the comment.