Mindmapping for sort of CRM

Hi all.
As you can see by reading the blog, I am a great supporter of handmade maps but I also see the advantages of using a software to get the work done. Lately (on future posts), I will talk a little bit more about the differences I perceive).
One of the advantages of the software mindmapping, for me, is when you utilize these techniques to gather large amount of information, which you must refresh every certain period of time.
Let us talk about a particular case. If you are a company manager (CEO, Sales Manager or any other management position) you will like getting information about the different projects that are on the market right now, some kind of market transparency information (some sort of particular CRM -stands for Customer Relationship Management-, let´s say, maintaining the distances). Also you would like getting the most information about the projects, the companies, the key players and also your competence out there. One way to proceed is gathering this information on a huge map, where you should use labels, text markers, icons, colors and so on, to make a suitable search of what you are looking for.
These issues (icons, markers,...) help you managing tons and tons of information in a map without losing perspective by filtering out what you want.


Leap of Faaaith said...

Nicely said. I am using computer based mindmaps to manage the information on my father's company. Using Tags, and icons, and the search feature, I can quickly access the information I have stored there, without scrambling trying to remember how I handled a situation before. It has quickly become indispensable when I need to quickly respond to a situation while following the various complex regulations that are required.

kate lelyy said...

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