Mindmapping for strategic orientation

To me, mindmapping is a tool extremely suitable for strategic purposes. To make a consistent map, you should think in advance about the concept, the main branches, the purpose,... To make also a consistent strategy for something, the main step is to think deeply on the goals (if you are responsible for the definition) and to determine how I am going to get the goals and what I need to get these goals.
In my personal case, for my job I am oriented to strategic goals and every step I walk is oriented towards one of these goals. So it is quite easy to make a map where the central concept would be the strategic orientation, every main branch would be every one of the different goals you have and the different sub-branches (level 2) would be the concrete goal descriptions, the different steps you envision for getting that goal and, of course, the result to get the feedback that will determine if you are in the right path. Different sub-branches (level 3) would include the different steps you walk everyday to get what you have envisioned you should do, and of course related to a specific and defined goal.

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