Mindmapping on a napkin

Yesterday afternoon, I was thinking (in a cafe) about the mindmapping keys from my point of view.
A curiosity is that the mindmap was made on a napkin (for first time in the blog), let´s say it is another "allowed" format.
Basically they are:
1.- Having the whole map at a glance.
2.- Perspective. Moving fastly top-down and botton-up in concepts.
3.- Freedom. Not constraining the thoughts, allowing a free flow.
4.- Style. By using a brain fiendly design, it is easier getting back to work later on.
5.- Colors/Images/Icons. Using both brain hemispheres (creative and mathematical).
6.- Central Concept in the middle. Focusing from the beginning.
7.- Previous thinking. Forcing you to think in advance, mantaining concentration on the concepts.
An improvement point for me will be openning up new formats for the coming handmade mindmaps. Let´s go for that.

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