Meeting Mindmapping friends

One of the funny things about surfing the web, it is finding outstandard blogs where, for sure, one can get knowledge and knowing how the world is moving regarding several issues. That´s the case of Philippe Boukobza, he is a very interesting guy, able to make a blog in three different languages (spanish, french and english). I do recommend visiting his blog and meeting him in order to be informed, among other issues, about mindmapping.
I have tried to know more from Philippe and I have decided to interview him, he kindly accepted.

Alberto.- Philippe talk us a little bit about you.
Philippe.- I'm a managerial skills consultant (in Madrid) since 2 years. Before I worked as a French Language Teacher. I was investigating since various years about learning, psychology and creativity. I learned and used various techniques before focusing on Mind Mapping.

Alberto.- When do you get your first contact with mindmapping?
Philippe.- About 5 years ago, surfing on the Internet, I discovered some “strange” maps and was immediately seduced by the Mind Mapping technique. I started creating mindmaps without any knowledge about Mind Mapping rules. Two years ago I decided to participate in a 2 days Mind Mapping workshop in Paris. It was really crucial and the start of serious Mind Mapping !

Alberto.- Which are the main specific mindmapping usages you do?
Philippe.- My main uses of Mind Mapping are, in order of importance: note taking, presentations, book reviews, planning and decision taking.

You have an extraordinary blog (in three different languages), what does propel you to open it up?
Philippe.- Thanks ! From my point of view, blogging corresponds to the need to share knowledge and experience about something that is really important for you. As a tool to share my interest in Mind Mapping and to learn from Mindmappers (like you !) blogs are really tremendous !

Alberto.- How do you explain a newcomer in the mindmapping world the main advantages she would get by using these tools/methods?
Philippe.- By learning to mindmap you start a process of learning to learn and learning to think smarter with a simple and very accessible tool. Mind Mapping improve your thinking-analysis skills as well as your creativity.

Alberto.- Which are the main advantages you get from?
Philippe.- The main advantages I get from Mind Mapping are exploring new ways of thinking, thinking “out of the box” and structuring my thoughts in the same time. Mind Mapping reconnected me with a more visual-intuitive approach ( the right brain ...)

Alberto.- How do you normally make maps? (manually using markers or via software).
Philippe.- During the first years I only use pencils or markers to build manually my mindmaps. Now, the ratio is about 50 -50 between handwritten and software made mindmaps. Note taking and real time Mind Mapping are for me always handwritten.

Alberto.- Which are your favorite software tools to make mindmapping?
Philippe.- I think NovaMind permits actually the best balance between structuring the ideas and getting visual impact. Therefore I use it a lot. From my opinion, Mind Manager is the best Mid Mapping Softwre for structuring the ideas with FreeMind. For the visual impact, Solution Language and IMindMap are to producing the most organic and natural aspect.
Recently I discovered Cayra and it have a very interesting approach of Mind Mapping.

Alberto.- From your opinion, how do you see the mindmapping development in the world and in Spain? how do you envision it in the coming-up future?
Philippe.- I'm very hopeful about the future of Mind Mapping. I think it will belongs to the essential skills to have in the Knowledge Society. The information overload require new ways of thinking that permits to clarify and structure rapidly informations in a visual way. Therefore, in Spain ,like in every country, Mind Mapping will be more and more used and learned. In Finland, one of the most developed and skilled country in the world, Mind Mapping has been included in the education programs. In accordance with the Programme for International Student Assessment of the OECD , Finland has retained the number one spot (2007).

What people think of you when see you mindmapping?
Philippe.- The first reaction is curiosity and then, for some of them, interest.

Which are your favorite pages around Mindmapping?
Philippe.- My favorites Mind Mapping pages are Peace of Mind, Idea Mapping (Jamie Nast), The Mind Mapping.org Blog and the Mind Mapping Software Weblog (Chuck Frey). But I'm also very interested in pages about visual thinking like Information Aesthetics or Visual Complexity.

Thanks Philippe.


roberta buzzacchino said...

ciao alberto

I am very happy
to know that other mapper
tell their own experience
and also philippe’s story is really meaningful!

through your blog it is possible to share ideas
and build up a “radial” community without borders

hope to hear from you soon
muchas gracias amigo

Berttuco said...

Grazzie Roberta